The Fire Butt Challenge is a writing challenge created by Katie and her tremendously fabulous critique partner, Michal Babay (@MicBabay). Here’s how to play:

Step 1. Find a Fire Butt Partner. (This should be a fellow writer with whom you feel comfortable sharing your work!)

Step 2. Send your Twitter handles to @KatieFrawley1 or @MicBaby so they can tag you on Fire Butt Day. (You will not know when Fire Butt Day is coming. It’s the out-of-the-blue nature of the challenge that makes it so fun…and effective.)

Step 3. When Fire Butt Day arrives, Katie or Michal will tag all the participants on Twitter. You and your Fire Butt Partner must choose a task. Finish a first draft! Complete a stubborn revision! Write that darn query letter! ANY writing-related task will do. The #FireButtChallenge will give you the extra kick in the pants you need to get the job done. It really lights a fire under your butt!

Step 4. Complete your task and exchange your work BY MIDNIGHT! When the clock strikes twelve, the Fire Butt Challenge is over. If you fail to complete your task, you will turn into a pumpkin. (Or your computer will turn into a zucchini…Katie and Michal are not really sure because they haven’t missed a deadline yet!)

Katie and Michal launch several #FireButtChallenges each year, so you must always be prepared. Please reach out and join your fellow writers for the next #FireButtChallenge….whenever that may be! Happy writing!