Katie has critiqued hundreds of manuscripts over the years. She works with writers of every skill level, from picture book novices to multi-published authors.

After you make your payment, please email your manuscript(s) or query letter(s) to as Word attachments. All critiques will be provided within seven business days of receipt of payment (excluding the Polish Package, to be returned within 48 hours). For an additional $25, Katie will put a rush on your critique and return it to you within 48 hours.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out via the email address provided.

(Prices are for manuscripts 750 words or fewer in length. Longer works can be critiqued for an additional fee.)

30 Minute Zoom Chat

A collaborative 30 minute video conference in which Katie will discuss your work, brainstorm solutions, and answer any questions you may have. You will send your story in advance of the conference, along with any pressing questions you’d like to discuss. Katie will send you an email link to the video conference at a pre-arranged time.


Red Light / Green Light

For $15 per manuscript, Katie will read your body of work, sort the manuscripts into tiers (Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light), identify a few strengths/weaknesses for each story, and provide a brief recommendation on how to revise. This service is great for writers with lots of works-in-progress who are unsure how to prioritize their revising energy. (Email Katie to request a sample “Red Light / Green Light” spreadsheet to get a better idea of the feedback you’ll receive. There is a five manuscript minimum requirement for this service.)


Full Critique (Non Rhyming)

Detailed feedback on plot, pacing, character development, page turns, language, leaving room for the illustrator, and more. Rhyming manuscripts will be critiqued for an additional fee. (Please reach out via email for a quote.) She will highlight areas of strength and weakness throughout your manuscript.


Full Revision Critique

Detailed feedback on your revised manuscript after completing a Full Critique.


Big Picture Critique

A paragraph of notes on your manuscript as a whole, pointing out areas of strength and offering suggestions on how to improve areas of weakness.


Big Picture Revision Critique

A paragraph of notes on your revised manuscript, after completing a Big Picture Critique.


Pitch Assist

Whether you need a snappy, engaging pitch for your query letter or a concise, catchy pitch for a Twitter Pitch Party, Katie is here to help. Send along your manuscript so Katie can work her pitch magic. Make sure to specify whether you want a Query Pitch or Twitter Pitch!


Polish Package

When you have a great submission opportunity, an agent asks for more work, or you have a tight deadline looming, the Polish Package will get you feedback from TWO authors (Katie and Lauren Kerstein). Lauren is one of the most talented writers and critique-ers I know. With this unique package, feedback will be returned within 48 hours so you can polish your manuscript until it shines. For more information about Lauren, visit her website (


Query Letter Critique

Katie will critique your query letter for brevity, clarity, and formatting. She will make sure your pitch paragraph, bio, and marketing information are all as tight and impactful as possible.


Rush Fee

If you require a quicker turnaround, add a Rush Fee to your order for feedback within 48 hours. (1 Rush Fee per critique.)